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Started 2010
Subscribers 58.014[1]
Video Views 46.795.609[1]
Number of Videos 1556
Average video views 30.074
Main host(s) Rick Strom
Contributing hosts and regular guests Ben Mankiewicz
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TYT Sports is the sports channel on the TYT network. The channel isn't focused on any particular sport or any specific region and is currently being hosted by Rick Strom and sometimes by Ben Mankiewiecz.


The very first video is about the start of the NFL 2010 season. In fact the first batch of videos are predictions for the 2010 NFL Season. Looking at the first 40 videos 38 of them are about football and 2 are about the NBA.

NFC North South 2010 Predictions-0

NFC North South 2010 Predictions-0

First video ever on TYT Sports

The early videos mainly features Ben Mankiewiecz and also Cenk Uygur. Early videos also include Michael Shure, Tom Hanc, Jackie Bray and Misty Kingma. Much of the early content concentrated on American sports but not so much on the NHL as Ben pretty much hates hockey, ironic since the most viewed video on the channel featuring Ben is about a Brutal Hockey Hit

Rick StromEdit

In the spring of 2011 Rick Strom began to appear and now runs the channel with various other hosts and guests


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