Graphic Girl Fight Captured on Video
Video Information
Uploaded 2011-10-14
Channel The Young Turks
Views 4.447.758[1]
Length 3:11
Host(s) Cenk Uygur & Ana Kasparian
Segment 2nd hour

Graphic Girl Fight Captured on Video is the 9th most viewed video on the main channel for The Young Turks with over 4 million views as of May 2013. Two high school students in Chicago attacked another girl in the class while being filmed. The assault was brutal and the victim suffered a concussion, a neck sprain and some scratches and bruises. As the title say it is a graphic video!


Graphic Girl Fight Captured on Video

Graphic Girl Fight Captured on Video

Video descriptionEdit

A pair of female Chicago Public High School students violently assaulted a fellow female student during class last week while at least four other students stood by and the teacher looked on in shock.

"They got angry and went ghetto on her," the victim's best friend, a freshman at the school, told NBC Chicago on Wednesday. "Every day there's a fight. Today there was a fight in algebra."

The attack, which was caught on tape, took place during a biology class last Thursday at Roger C. Sullivan High School, at 6631 North.

In the video, 14-year-old Jillian Salgado struggled to fend off her two attackers. A fourth woman appears to make an attempt to break up the fight before backing away. At one point, the assailants appear to slam the victim's head off a table.

"I could not feel anything but my adrenaline was pumping so much," she recalled.

Classmates said the teacher seen in the video was unable to stop the fight and that it took several security officers to break it up.

The teen suffered a concussion, a neck sprain and several scratches and bruises, but those injuries are minor compared to her emotional injuries.

The two aggressors, 17-year-old and 18-year-old sisters, have been suspended from school with further discipline pending

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